1. Want a great example of a 30 days and 90 days plan? 
  2. 25 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I was a First Year Lawyer (This blog prompted the American Bar Association Journal to use it as their question of the week. Take a look at: What do you wish someone had told you when you were a first-year lawyer?
  3. Law Firms: Change your business model to thrive in the “new normal” era
  4. Motivation: Why your firm may be failing to motivate your young lawyers
  5. Who will become the “hot sauce” industry go-to lawyer?
  6. Who Just Might Be the Most Important Person in Your Office?
  7. Stop! Stop wasting time or energy on these 10 things
  8. Steve Jobs and why passion is a key to success
  9. How would I use Twitter if I was still practicing law
  10. 5 simple ways young, energetic lawyers can compete for business with more experienced lawyers

I think you will find going back and re-reading the blog posts again valuable because it just might give you an idea you can put into action right away in 2014.