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Get in the Zone

Posted in Motivation

If you played a sport, or played an instrument, or  created art while you were growing up, think back about your own experience “in the zone.” If you have ever done yoga, you were likely in the zone during class. Professor Mihalyi Czikszentmihalyi (pronounced `Me-hi Chicksent-me-hiee’) introduced the concept of flow (in the zone) in… Continue Reading

Mentoring, Supervising, Delegating-Three Simple Ideas You Can Implement

Posted in Career Development, Motivation

Are you a junior partner developing your practice? If so, you might listen to a Delegating and Supervising Podcast you can download from iTunes on how I delegated and supervised a star associate who worked for me. Why is delegating and supervising so important? Put simply, without younger lawyers providing excellent work, no matter how… Continue Reading