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Your Career: Setting Goals

Posted in Client Development

I have set goals since childhood. When I was young, I set goals related to my sports activities, such as free throw percentage in basketball, strike outs and earned run average in baseball, and average yards per carry in football. When I started law school, my goal was to finish in the top five of… Continue Reading

Setting Goals: My 10 Tips for You

Posted in Career Development

Are you finding setting goals a challenge? If so, you are not alone.  I have 10 tips I hope will help you. Start broadly and work to specific goals.   Think of your major definite purpose (what you want to accomplish), understand why accomplishing it is important (why), and your core values (how you want… Continue Reading

Business/Development Plan: Can I help you prepare your 2014 plan?

Posted in Client Development, Time Management

If you have read my recent posts, you know that I did a workshop for a law firm’s associates to help them prepare their 2014 Development Plan. See: Law Firm Associates: My Thoughts on Preparing Your 2014 Plan. I learned afterward that the workshop had changed the associates planning from just submitting something the firm required… Continue Reading