A lawyer I coach said to me that his firm should hire me to write the firm’s 9 blogs. I replied that lawyers practicing in the specific areas of the 9 blogs should write them. But, I thought I might be able to help by editing some of them. This week I want to offer my thoughts on how you and your firm can blog more effectively.

For this 5 day series, I will not discuss the design, layout or the technology. I leave all of those things to the LexBlog experts and I recommend you leave it to LexBlog also.

For Day 1, let’s focus on finding an appropriate topic to blog on. Some topics are time sensitive. Those include:

  • A new case
  • New legislation
  • A new regulation
  • Industry business news
  • Something that you see that will potentially impact your clients

Other topics are not time sensitive. I will give you some examples for the construction industry:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Alternative Disputes Resolution
  • Project Documentation
  • Scheduling Issues
  • Quantification of Additional Costs
  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Claims for Delay

What are the topics that are not time sensitive that your readers and potential clients would find most valuable?