I recently read a blog published by a well known law firm that was 2315 words. It included four lengthy quotes from a court decision. Thinking about it, I was wrong to say I read it because I didn’t. I did not have time. I saw it and decided not to read it.

Do you think the firm’s clients and potential clients read the blog? Can you imagine what those who subscribe by email thought when they found this post in their email? My guess: Firm clients did not want to know the history of Swiss watch making, they simply wanted to know the time.

I found Seth Godin’s blog: Shorter right on point. In three short paragraphs he explains why less is actually more.

If you are blogging, say what you want to say and stop. Then, go back and edit your draft to shorten it. If there is much more to say about a case or situation, you can create an active link to your more lengthy document for your readers.

P.S. If you are a regular reader you might be thinking Cordell should follow his own advice. I agree.