This month I am focusing on Business Planning for 2012, including approaches taken by lawyers I have coached. Craig Martin is a construction lawyer with Lamson, Dugan & Murray in Omaha. Here is how he is approaching his planning for 2012.

My Business Plan for 2012 has one overriding focus: get in front of current and potential clients. While my plan contains goals for hours, client development and continued education, I think these later goals will easily be achieved if I succeed in getting in my name “out there.” My goals for “getting out there” fall into three categories: blogging, presentations, and socializing.

  • Blogging. At Cordell’s strong urging, my firm started four blogs this year. My goal is to draft two posts on the Construction Contractor Advisor blog each week for 2012. Having blogged for 5 months, I know this will be a challenge.
  • Presentations. My 2012 goal is to hold six Lunch and Learn meetings for Associated Builders and Contractors members. Ideally industry members, such as insurers and bonding companies, will co-present with me.
  • Socializing. My goal is to meet with industry members three times a month, during a lunch or dinner meeting, in order to broaden my base of referral sources.

I am also putting in place a few accountability measures. Our firm blogging group will meet the last Friday of the month. Whoever did not reach their posting goal has to buy drinks.

I’m already discussing Lunch and Learn presentation topics with industry members. My goal is to calendar the year’s presentations by the end of January. And, my 2012 Business Plan also specifically lists those industry members that I have targeted to meet, so I just need to get through the list. Finally, I’ve started using an e-tracking method for my marketing efforts on iDoneThis; . Daniel Pink mentioned this in his blog: A cool new (free!) productivity tool. Every day I get an e-mail asking me what I did. I just have to reply with my marketing effort for the day. It’s a great reminder tool and it’s a great way to see what you’ve done during the month.