I started a coaching session a few weeks ago asking the lawyer what she would like to get out of our coaching session. The lawyer replied:

Find a way to give me more hours in a day.

Are you like that lawyer, wishing someone could find more hours for you? Unfortunately there is no way to add more hours to your day. Other than the weekend when daylight savings time “falls back” to standard time, there are only 168 hours each week.

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The real question is how well we use those hours to achieve our priorities. Suppose you sleep 8 hours a night, or 56 a week. Suppose you bill 40 hours a week and you invest another 10 hours a week on your career development, client development and other firm activities.

That leaves 62 waking hours of personal time for family, fitness, community, church, recreation, hobbies, commuting and other activities. That is really a significant amount of time.

How you spend the 10 hours a week (or whatever number) of investment time will ultimately determine the quality of your career. How you spend the 62 waking hours (or whatever number) of family and personal time will ultimately determine the quality of your life and family relationships.

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P. S. Even though you cannot add more time to your day, if you read and implement David Allen’s ideas from Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity I can assure you that you will waste less time.