If you read my blog I posted yesterday Fast Forward: What Will You Be Doing in 2020?, you likely recall this

Listening to Seth Godin, we learned that real innovation can’t happen without failure and that failure is an event, not a person.

I have written many times about failing and coming back from  profound disappointment. For some reason, I think we are all drawn to stories about people who fail and come back again. Isn’t that the appeal of Frank Galvin played by Paul Newman in the movie: The Verdict?

Frank was once a promising lawyer in an elite Boston law firm. But, when we meet him at the beginning of the movie, he is an alcoholic ambulance chaser who has lost all of his recent cases. If you saw the movie, you likely cheered for Frank to win the malpractice case against the large law firm.

On Sunday, Christina Kim won her first golf tournament in 9 years Read: Emotional Christina Kim wins 1st LPGA trophy in 9 years at Lorena Ochoa Invitational or Kim overcome with emotion after win.

You can read about all that she has overcome in the last 9 years. No wonder this victory was so emotional. I loved watching her joy (and relief) after winning.

After reading about her win, I thought about other examples of athletes who had to overcome tremendous odds and problems to win again. Jennifer Capriati was one of those athletes. If you have four minutes, watch this video.

I have known lawyers who have been have never been innovative because they fear failing. I understand the feeling. But, keep in mind if you try something and fail, unlike Christina Kim and unlike Jennifer Capriati, you will not the the subject of the media attention.

It is just possible that you will be the only one who knows you tried something innovative.