Here are five questions your senior lawyers should ask your junior lawyers or that your associates should ask themselves:

Confident Woman

  1. What are you good at? What are you really good at?
  2. Is there a need for your talent? Is it marketable? Will someone pay you for it?
  3. What is your passion? What excites you?
  4. What are your core values? How do you want to practice law and live your life?
  5. How can you integrate your talent, passion and integrity? What steps do you need to take to accomplish your goal?

When your associates answer these questions for themselves or for your firm, they become the architects of their careers. They take responsibility for making, shaping and achieving their objectives.

AND when they own their goals, when they are motivated from within, they will operate at a much higher level of achievement that will speed them toward them. Who in your firm will encourage them to do that?