Several years ago I was beginning to coach a new group of 12 lawyers at a national law firm. The week before the first session, I received a phone call from one of the firm leaders. He asked:

Tom, (not his real name) is a lawyer with $5 million dollars of business annually. He has asked if you would be willing to coach him when you are in our office?

I said sure and had incredible fun working with a guy who brought in more business than I ever had, but still wanted to learn more. 357938lo4lcxf2e

I thought of him at church Sunday, when our minister referred to a Huffington Post blog: 10 Reasons Why The Olympics Improves Employee Productivity.

He talked about one of the 10 reasons and afterward I asked for the link above. As I read through the 10 reasons, they reminded me of the top lawyers I have coached and why they get the most out of our work together. I will share the first sentence, but I urge you to read the entire paragraph on each of the 10 reasons.

If you are one of those lawyers, these points will be familiar to you.

  1. Employees will learn that winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. As you know, I wrote a book titled: Prepare to Win. It is available at a very low price on Amazon and iTunes.
  2. Employees will learn that Olympic athletes embrace conflict for growth.  The lawyers who get the most out of our work together are those who embrace getting comfortable outside their comfort zones.
  3. Employees will learn that Olympic athletes are held accountable on so many levels. One of the primary benefits of client development coaching is the accountability that comes from it.
  4. Employees will learn that Olympic athletes are learning machinesThe top lawyers I have coached are never content, always striving to learn something new and work hard to implement new ideas.
  5. Employees will learn Olympic champions know very good is bad. I believe Stephen Covey once said “no one trains to be in the Olympics to win a silver medal. The top lawyers I coach strive for excellence.
  6. Employees will learn Olympic athletes make “do or die” commitments. The top lawyers I coach are committed to their dream of success and excellence.
  7. Employees will learn Olympic athletes are consistently great. The top lawyers I coach are consistently great. As small a thing as it might be, they do not want to let me or the other members of their coaching group down.
  8. Employees will learn Olympians are coachable. I love this line in the paragraph explaining this one because is so aptly describes the top lawyers I have coached. “The bigger the champion, the more open-minded they are.” The bigger the rainmaker, the more open minded they are to coaching.
  9. Employees will learn Olympians compartmentalize their emotions.  I have written recently on the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The top lawyers I coach have it and do not let things going on around them distract them from striving to achieve their goals.
  10. Employees will learn Olympians think big.  As you may know, for several years I did podcast interviews of top lawyers I coached. My purpose was to show the new lawyers I was coaching how to get the most out of the coaching. I remember asking one of those top lawyers who I coached when she was an associate. “What was the one thing you most valued from our work together. Her answer was to “dream big dreams.” If you have an extra moment you might go back to my post in April of this year: Career Success: Work Hard, Dream Big.

Does your firm have lawyers with these Olympian attributes? If so, I would love to work with them.