My experience has shown that law firms are investing less in developing their next generation of remarkable lawyers. Maybe it is because we are living in the “new normal” era of law practice.

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Are you attracting star associates to your firm?

Are they learning the skills that make them valuable to your clients?

Are your partners behind the effort to train and develop the associates?

What are effective ways to train and develop them?

I got the opportunity to answer these questions during a presentation to managing partners at an annual bar association meeting. I loved the title they gave me.

It gave me the opportunity to focus on how to connect with the ‘next generation,’ make the business case for developing them, and then give specific ideas on how to do it.”

After the presentation, I wrote Developing the Next Generation of Remarkable Lawyers,  that also  asked and answered those questions.

In the article you will find that I decided our attorney development program for associates should include eight parts, each of which was tied to the associates’ Development Plan.

After you have read the article, please come back to this blog and post any comments you may have on whether developing the next generation of remarkable lawyers has changed in the “new normal” of law firm economics.