Does your law firm have a partner who generates lots of business, but at the same time chases off associates?  I have written about this before.

Every large firm has one of those and some small firms do also.

As you likely know, I wrote about a lawyer like that in the book I co-authored with Brice Voran: It Takes a Team: You Can’t Make Rain By Yourself.

David is a composite of several lawyers I have know over the years. Here is Jack Wainwright, the firm managing partner describing David:

You’ve probably met lawyers like David. He may be right or he may be wrong, but he’s never in doubt! Clients like him because he has a ‘can do’ attitude that inspires confidence. But in addition to what I’ve already mentioned, associates hate him because he makes them feel like they never measure up. When they work with him, it is never good enough or fast enough. And he doesn’t give them feedback and suggestions on how to improve their work product. Instead, he’ll tell them the work they did was fine, and then insult them behind their backs. Like any law firm, word travels fast, so before long, associates know what he is saying. I know he talks about me behind my back, but instead of sharing his concerns or ideas with me, he complains to others about my leadership.

So, how do we get David to change his ways? I guess you will have to read the book to get the answer. In addition to the hard copy, it is available on your Kindle, Nook and in iTunes.

I will leave you with this hint about David. Bruce who is trying to help David and his firm tells the managing partner:

David is an individual who’s pulled himself up by his bootstraps – someone who doesn’t necessarily possess innate legal skills and talents, but who’s become a star by riding himself hard, working harder than anybody else to improve his performance.