I like to tell lawyers when I am presenting a topic: "This is the interactive part," meaning this is the part when I want them to share their ideas. Well, it is a good time for the interactive part of this blog. I want you to help write a post about mentoring.

I have written many articles on mentoring and done many programs on law firms on the subject. You can click HERE if you want to read my mentoring articles.  Based on my history, discussions with senior attorneys about their expereriences with mentors and extensive reading about the subject, I’ve drawn up a list of 40 potential  characteristics I believe the best mentors might possess.

Here is your assignment: Pick your top 5-10 characteristics and write why you think each one is an important characteristic and give an example of that characteristic being used. If your ideas are selected I will have you do the guest blog post.

 Choose from this list of potential great mentor characteristics: 
  1.  Principle centered 
  2. Trustworthy 
  3. Ethical
  4. Role models 
  5. Committed 
  6. Patient 
  7. Understanding 
  8. Respectful 
  9. Responsive 
  10. Motivated 
  11. Talented 
  12. Enthusiastic 
  13. Energetic 
  14.  Inspiring 
  15. Unselfish
  16. Fair
  17. Thoughtful
  18. Encouragers
  19. Upbeat 
  20. Storytellers 
  21. Fun 
  22. Able to identify strengths and weaknesses 
  23. Able to stretch their mentees 
  24. Both demanding and supportive 
  25. Straight forward and decisive
  26. Even keeled and tempered 
  27. Willing to express gratitude for a job well done 
  28. Able to constructive feedback with the interest of the mentee at heart 
  29. Willingly to share knowledge, insights and ideas 
  30. Still learning themselves 
  31. Willing to let the mentee know him or her as a person 
  32. Able to clearly describe an assignment 
  33. Interested in people 
  34. Confident, yet humble 
  35. Good listeners 
  36. Open and accessible 
  37. Good communicators 
  38. Appreciative of the opportunities they have been given 
  39. Able to read and understand their mentees 
  40.  Willing to give credit to others