Stewart Cink will always be known as the golfer who defeated Watson. He has a life lesson for us also. 


Dave Walton, a lawyer I coach, sent me this email that I thought explained many things I have been trying to teach. So, I wanted to share it with you and offer a way to implement the thought.

I read something last night I thought you would like and appreciate. Before Stewart Cink’s victory last week, his golf coach told him: "Don’t confuse your goals with the reward." It means that the goal is not victory that is the reward. Goals are based on a one shot at a time approach: take the right approach on each shot; make each shot count; visualize each shot; be consistent on each shot; use the right swing thoughts, etc. Applied to what we do, this means that the goal is not to have a $2M book or to have financial security. Those are the rewards. Our goals are the small steps we need to accomplish everyday in order to get the consistent $2M book. It’s akin to a saying: Think big, but focus small.

I hope you are well. And thanks for all your help.

I have used this idea in my own planning and goal setting. Each year I set a goal for the amount of business I wanted to bring in. That was the reward. But, I did not stop there. After setting the goal, I made a list of all the activities I wanted to do that I hoped would lead me to my reward.

I hope this approach will enable you to achieve the reward you find meaningful and valuable