Darren Hardy is the publisher of Success Magazine. Yesterday he posted this on Twitter:

Strive to do one kind thing each day for someone who could never return the favor. Try it. Start today.

I get excited thinking about what a difference in the world we could make if all of us simply strived each day to do a kind thing for a person who could never return the favor. Keep in mind, it is not just doing a kind thing for people who obviously need help, it could be as simple as doing a kind thing for your trusty assistant, or the waitress at your favorite lunch spot.

I believe there are about one million lawyers in the United States. I suspect that out of that one million about 300 lawyers read my blog on any given day. Just suppose the 300 of us decided that we will actually try to do something kind each day for someone who could never return the favor. And, just suppose the 300 of us, passed the idea on to 300 other people…I honestly think we could make a difference just helping one person at a time.

Months ago, Nancy and I were visiting Phoenix at the time of the Arizona Centennial and my friend Scott Gibson gave us ticket to watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert. It was an awesome concert with Sandra Day O’Connor leading the last song. Here is a link to a photo. Alex Boye, one of the soloists during that concert is featured in this music video: : Have I Done Any Good Today? I hope you find it inspiring.

I don’t normally invite comments, but for this post I would love to hear from you. What is the one kind thing you have done for someone who could never return the favor?