Recently I wrote: Young Lawyers: How Can You Get the Most from Mentoring?  Today, I want to share some ideas for mentors.

How well do you listen to the young lawyer you are mentoring? I think it is a challenge for any busy lawyer. I know because, I loved mentoring junior lawyers, but I was still challenged to do it effectively.

Here is an important tip: I became more effective when I began a sentence with “tell me…” and then actively listened. You will also:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Tell me about your family.
  3. Tell me about your friendships in the firm.
  4. Tell me why you wanted to be a lawyer.
  5. Tell me what you want to become and accomplish in your career.
  6. Tell me what you enjoy doing away from work.
  7. Tell me what you feel you are really good at.
  8. Tell me what goals you have set for yourself.
  9. Tell me how you are spending your non-billable time.
  10. Tell me about any challenges you are facing.
  11. Tell me the one thing you would like to learn or improve your ability.
  12. Tell me about the person who has made the greatest impact on your life.
  13. Tell me how I can help you as a mentor.
P.S. If you haven’t read it, you might find my Practical Lawyer Article on Mentoring helpful. See: Some Specific Tips On What You Should Do As A Mentor