I have done presentations to clients and industry groups for many years. One thing I have learned in the process is to check on the technology ahead of time. So, I arrive early, set up and make sure the slides, audio and video are working properly.

Even when I think everything is covered and working, something might come up. In June, 2008, I spoke at the Arkansas State Bar Annual Meeting. I had slides and a workbook handout that I intended those in the audience to complete while I was speaking. There was only one slight problem. In an effort to save paper, the Bar had put all the handout materials on a jump drive. I learned from this experience to ask how the handout materials will be handled.

Last week I did a webinar for lawyers across the country who use LexBlog. As I began, for the first time ever, the internet in my building went down. Picture the scene with me speaking on the telephone and looking at my computer knowing I was only one who could see my slides. I know many lawyers find it challenging to do a webinar that goes well, but doing it without the slides was weird beyond words.

I finally just asked for questions and it went better. I learned from this experience that it is important to have slides for a webinar on the host’s server as well as your own.

Here is a link to listen to the webinar and get a copy of slides. If you listen, let me know if you hear panic in my voice when I learn no one can see the slides.

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