During my career I have worked with over 1000 associates. I have encouraged them to quit thinking like an associate and to start thinking like the CEO of their career.

How do associates think? At the risk of over generalizing, I find many associates think about getting their hours. They do not think about their long-term career or the steps to take to attract clients.

I know getting hours is important, but there is far more to becoming successful than just getting your hours. The first step any associate can take is to define what he or she wants to accomplish, or become, and then create a plan to get there. As you may know, I started down the path coaching lawyers when I discovered none of my firm’s 200+ associates had a plan.

Why do you suppose I think you should have a plan? I believe when you prepare a plan with written goals you take control of your future. Without a plan someone else controls your destiny. In addition, if your plan is focused on something you truly value, you will feel energized, committed and disciplined to achieve it.

On December 12, (the day before my hip replacement surgery), I will be presenting a program for LexBlog: How to Develop an Effective Business Plan with Cordell Parvin.

Why are you waiting to build the law practice you want? Take the first step to taking control of your career by joining me for this important program. After that find a friend and share your 2013 plan.