Last Thursday I ate lunch with three associates in my former law firm. During the lunch, one of them told me she had seen my post on “The Secret.” She said after reading a draft of my new book: “Prepare to Win,” and reading my post last week, she finally knew my “secret.” I said: “Ok, tell me what you have figured out.” 
Her response surprised me. I guess I had never thought about what I have done in my career and life as succinctly as she put it. Here is what she said: 
“You have figured out what you want in your career and life, you have a plan to achieve it and you stay focused on what is important to you. 
You have figured out what your clients and potential clients want and need, many times before they know themselves and you find a way to give it to them, so they want to use you to help them. 
You know that each of the people who work for you is unique and different and you have figured out what buttons to push to get their very best. 
You focus your personal life on your family and to the extent that you can you arrange your work schedule to enable you to do things with them that they value. 
Finally, each and every day you are trying to get better at what you do in your professional life and personal life, and that motivates and energizes you.” 
I was impressed with my former associate’s insight. When I practiced law I did things instinctively. Now that I am no longer billing 2000 hours, I can take time to reflect and understand why some things worked well for me and others didn’t. I hope you find something in my “secret” that will enable you to achieve your own career success and life fulfillment.