I received a call the other day from a friend in Washington DC. She started the conversation by telling me she had figured out my secret. Then she told me she had recently seen the DVD “The Secret” and after seeing it what I had been telling young lawyers started to make sense to her. Well, I had to buy the DVD to better understand my “secret.” 
I went on Amazon and ordered the DVD and discovered that “The Secret” is also available in book form. The day I placed my order I came home and while flipping channels learned that the four people who had made the movie were on Larry King. I purposely did not watch the interview in part because I did not want to be influenced by anything till I saw it myself. If you want to read the transcript you can find it on CNN’s website: 
What is the secret? How have I applied it without really knowing about it? I watched the movie on my iPod while flying this week. It was a little challenging watching on a small screen and even more challenging taking notes on my Blackberry. Put simply, we are a product of what our mind is thinking. If we focus on what we don’t want we will likely get more of it. On the other hand, if we have a burning desire to have something or achieve something and we focus on it, we are more likely to achieve it. 
As some of you know, in 1978 I was practicing law in Roanoke, Virginia. I decided that year I wanted to be the number one transportation construction lawyer in the United States. I told my partners who looked at me like they were thinking: “There is no way someone practicing law and living in Roanoke, Virginia can do that.” Well they were right about a small part of it – I could not ultimately live in Roanoke and travel all over the country. 
That same year I told my partners that in 1980 I intended to make three times what I made in 1978. Once again they gave me “the look.” 
When I left Jenkens & Gilchrist to pursue my new adventure helping lawyers, I told people I intended to generate $1 Million in fees in 2007. In all the cases I was not driven by the money. I was driven by the burning desire to be recognized as the very best in the country at what I was trying to do. 
If you are skeptical about the power of focusing on something you want to do or achieve, I am living proof that it works. If you get a chance, buy the DVD or book and then take a look again at what I have written about taking responsibility for your career, clearly knowing what you want, developing a plan to achieve it, and then executing the plan. Also, follow the advice of each day thinking about the things for which you are grateful. 
After you watch or read “The Secret,” please leave a comment, I’d like to know your secret.