As you know I regularly read Seth Godin‘s Blog and frequently find inspiration for something wot write here. I recently read his post: Two kinds of decisions worth focusing on.

The first he said are:

HARD ONES because you know that whatever you choose is possibly the wrong path. Hard decisions are hard because you have competing priorities.

The second he said are:

EASY ONES because it probably means that you’ve got a habit going. And an unexamined habit can easily become a rut, a trap that leads to digging yourself deeper over time.

What hard decisions are you focusing on? Perhaps if I share with you some hard decisions I made in my career, you might get the idea.

  1. I chose to go to law school rather than go directly into the United States Air Force.
  2. I chose to leave the Air Force and start practicing law in Roanoke, Virginia rather than accept higher paying jobs as an in-house government contracts lawyer with a defense contractor or as an associate with a Washington, D.C. law firm.
  3. I chose to specialize in construction law and in particular transportation construction law instead of remaining a commercial litigator.
  4. I chose to start my own law firm with a partner.
  5. I chose to move my practice to Richmond, Virginia.
  6. I chose to leave Richmond and move my practice to Dallas, Texas.
  7. I chose to join what was then the largest law firm in Dallas.
  8. I chose to leave my law practice after my best year so I could teach, coach and mentor young lawyers in the United States and Canada.

I never found that easy decisions I made that became a habit became a rut. The closest two I would say was my habit of getting home at about 7:00 PM and having a martini before dinner. My good habit was to get up early, open the doors of the workout facility. In Dallas I was up at 4:30, coffee in hand at 4:45 and arrival at Cooper Aerobics at 5:00 AM when it opened.

So, what are your easy decisions? Are any of them getting you into a rut?