I remember the day I was sitting on the rental car bus at LAX airport and all of a sudden the new Blackberry my firm had asked me and a few others to demo buzzed.

I was really excited. I was able to respond to an email from one of my most important client’s lawyers while sitting on a rental car bus. What could be cooler than that?

A couple of weeks later, Jill and I were eating a Sushi dinner in Dallas while Nancy was out of town playing in a golf tournament. I heard that buzz again and after I responded to the email, I received another one complimenting me for being at the office so late.

I quickly learned what I had thought was the coolest thing ever had made it impossible to ever just get away.

I watch now, including recently in an airport lounge, and people, including many my age, all have their smartphones out.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 1.23.46 PM

I don’t know if they are playing Solitaire, Words with Friends or just looking at their email.

Seth Godin recently wrote about this: Paying the smart phone tax. Every lawyer should read it. Here is a quick list of the headings:

  • Urgent or important?
  • The moment
  • Brevity over density
  • The filter bubble
  • Off the hook

Take the one minute to see what Seth Godin has written for each of those headings. Then, think about whether you are paying the smart phone tax.