This weekend a group of outstanding  lawyers I have coached  are coming to Dallas from throughout the US and Canada to learn from each other. On Friday they will have a StrengthsFinder coaching session with Cindy Pladziewicz and a client development coaching session with me. Saturday, we will brainstorm ideas on taking their law practices to the next level.

Most of you will never have a client development coach, and won’t likely come to Dallas to meet with me. Yet, if you read my blog regularly, I know you want to elevate your practice to the next level. Here are questions I would ask you in a coaching session:

  1. What specifically do you want?
  2. Why is achieving that important to you?
  3. What will achieving this do for you?
  4. What are the downsides if you do not achieve it?
  5. What level of commitment are you willing to make towards meeting this goal?
  6. Where are you now?
  7. What have you tried so far?
  8. What has worked most effectively for you?
  9. What has made it challenging so far?
  10. What firm resources will you need?
  11. What can you do now to start?
  12. What can you do to hold yourself accountable and make sure you stick with it when you are busy?
If you are interested, and think my  thoughts and feedback would elevate your law practice to the next level, send your answers to me. I promise to respond. If you would like to be part of a group that comes to Dallas for coaching and a group program, let me know that as well.