Can I inspire your firm to start a client development coaching program? Even though I would enjoy working with your lawyers, I am not talking about starting a program with me as the coach. I simply want to inspire you to start a client development coaching program.

As you likely know, when I was busy practicing law, I started a client development coaching program at my law firm, and enjoyed the experience so much that I left my law practice to do it full time. You can start a program in your firm.

So, what made me think of this idea? I recently read Seth Godin’s blog: 1,000 Bands. He begins:

Brian Eno possibly said that, “the first Velvet Underground record may have only sold 1,000 copies, but every person who bought it started a band.”

I have not given 1000 presentations on client development coaching. But, I have given many at Bar meetings, Legal Marketing Association meetings and at law firm retreats and meetings.  I hope that every firm who attended or attends my presentation on coaching, will actually start one.

The firm leaders and lawyers I have coached would share with you that some of the positive things to flow from the client development coaching program have included:

  1. Increased firm revenue (I am sure the leaders would start with that one).
  2. Change in the firm’s client development culture.
  3. Lawyers working as teams on client development.
  4. Cross-Selling among lawyers.
  5. Lawyers preparing a business plan that actually works rather than one the firm requires.
  6. Lawyers seeing opportunities they previously missed.
  7. Lawyers being more strategic and more focused in their efforts.
  8. Lawyers more effectively using their strengths.
  9. Lawyers gaining self-confidence.
  10. Lawyers actually enjoying client development.

Look at the end of Seth Godin’s post. He writes:

How many bands will you inspire today?

I guess I will wonder how many firms will I inspire today? If I inspired your firm to at least think about it, take a look at my eBook on Client Development Coaching.

And I will ask you:

How many of your lawyers will you inspire in 2014 to take their practice to the next level?