I will not have coached most of you reading this blog post.

Likely, most of you reading this will never have a coach. If you want to coach yourself and stay motivated, here is a list of questions I typically asked lawyers I coached during our individual coaching sessions.

  1. What have you done on your 90-day action plan?
  2. Do you need any help with any of the action items?
  3. What challenges have you encountered?
  4. Have you had any successes, breakthroughs? (not necessary obtaining a new client)
  5. Do you have anything coming up that you want to brainstorm about?
  6. What did you hope to accomplish that you didn’t get done?
  7. What else would you like to get out of this coaching session?
  8. Can you give examples of one or two things you have been doing to start to create daily BD habits? (expanding client conversations; identifying how you can make client’s job easier; reading biz intell for a particular client). Re relationship building:
  9. What are you working on right now and how well do you know the people at the client organization?
  10.  Is there anything you can do in the context of the work to advance the relationship with client?
  11. Which clients do you have the best rapport?
  12. What steps might you take to deepen the relationship?