Do you want to get the most out of client development coaching? I tell lawyers I coach that one way to get the most from our coaching session is  prepare a detailed agenda.

In October I started coaching the 9th group of lawyers at Fox Rothschild. The group is Make Fox Rain 9 and is an awesome group of senior associates.

This month I have coaching calls with the Make Fox Rain 9 group. Most associates have provided a detailed agenda a few days in advance. That shows me they are really engaged. Several members of the group are using my Coaching Call Agenda.

Amy Purcell is a senior associate lawyer in the Make Fox Rain 9 group. I asked for her permission to share her agenda for our coaching call with you and she kindly gave me permission.

  1. Since our last meeting, I have started using Zite and Flipboard to post articles on Twitter and LinkedIn. Is posting the article enough? Any advice on short, catchy commentary?
  2. Any other useful iPad apps?
  3. Go over 2013 Business Plan.
  4. Writing a blog post seems to take me too long, so I never get around to doing it. Any advice?
  5. I can’t seem to get started to actually plan my weekly activities. Can you help me by suggesting a routine and/or items that I should have on the list every week?
  6. Tips of how to update my Firm bio. I have attached a copy.
As you can see from Amy’s agenda, our call was very focused on what she wanted to do more effectively. I am confident the Make Fox Rain group will do very well because each member of the group is taking time to share a detailed agenda with me.