This post is for those of you who believe writing and/or speaking are valuable activities to raise your profile. If you are one of those lawyers, here are some questions on your writing:

  1. What are the top topics your clients and potential clients care about now? (Note: what are the problems, opportunities or changes they are encountering that create legal issues?)
  2. Do you want to write blog posts or longer articles and get them published?
  3. If you are blogging, what headlines for your topics would attract your targeted reader and would lead a Google search to your blog post?
  4. For each article or blog post, why would your clients and targeted potential clients want to read this?
  5. What do you want your clients and targeted potential clients to take away from the article or blog post?
  6. What do you want them to think about you after reading what you have written?
  7. If you plan to write an article, what would be the very best place to get it published?
  8. Is there a topic that could serve as a “guide” for your clients and targeted potential clients?
  9. After you write an article, blog post or guide, how can you best make sure your clients and targeted potential clients see it?