I wrote yesterday about why young lawyers should start client development efforts now: Young Law Firm Lawyers: Why Learn, Focus and Practice Client Development Skills Now. What can you do for client development if you don’t know where to start? Here are 12 ideas for you.
  1. Create a Blog-Blog posts are shorter than articles, they can be more timely and they are picked up by Google.
  2. Create an e-Guide-This can be a handout at industry presentations. Make it short and concise and make it downloadable from your website bio.
  3. Create Google Alerts-For clients and for your client’s industry. You want to know when your clients are in the news and what is going on in your client’s industry.
  4. Give  Presentations and Put the Slides on Slideshare and Link to Them on LinkedIn-This creates the possibility that more people will see your presentation materials
  5. Repurpose What You Have Already Done-If you have written an article, convert it into a presentation. If you have given a presentation, use the material for an article.
  6. Read What Your Clients Read-Find out their industry publications and subscribe to them.
  7. Identify Referral Sources-Referral sources expand your network to perspective clients.
  8. Write Thank You Notes-Let clients know you appreciate the opportunity to serve them.
  9. Joint Venture Programs with Client Representatives-They will enjoy being asked and working together will help build the relationship.
  10. Become Involved in Your Clients’ Favorite Charities-This is another way to build the relationship and let the client know you care about what is important to them.
  11. Build Database of Information on Your Clients– Include spouse’s name, children’s names and ages, hobbies etc. This helps you find reasons to be in contact with clients.
  12. Go to Events You Would Rather Skip-You never know where you will run into opportunities.

One final thing: Get up from your computer and go visit a client or referral source or meet someone for lunch. Don’t wait until you can’t find anyone in your office with whom to dine.