Nothing is more critical to any law firm’s success than having clients who perceive they are receiving valuable services. Those clients come back, find ways to give other work to the firm and speak highly of the firm when asked by others.

How can that relationship be developed?

First, there must be a clear understanding of the client’s needs.

Second, the lawyers must ask the right questions, listen beyond the responses, offer effective solutions, and deliver exceptional results.

Third, the firm must focus on providing extraordinary service. To do so requires every person in the firm to be focused on service because everyone who comes in contact with the client affects the client’s perception of the firm and their relationship with the firm.

Based on my experiences and what I have read, here is a list of things I believe clients value:

  1. Putting the client’s interest first
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Team players
  4. Lawyers who ask great questions and actively listen to answers
  5. Innovative thinking and solutions
  6. Anticipation of problems
  7. Stability of representation team
  8. Responding to feedback
  9. Technology proficiency and resulting efficiency
  10. Comprehension of the client’s business goals and challenges, its industry, its reputation within the industry, its products and services, its market share, and its competitors
  11. Availability of mutually beneficial alternative fee arrangements when appropriate
  12. Billing with clarity and accuracy

How well are you doing on each of the items above? Are there others that should be considered?