1. Who is your intended reader?
  2. Is your intended reader a businessman or a lawyer?
  3. Why will your reader care about this post?
  4. What else has been written on your blog topic recently?
  5. What do you want your reader to take away from the post?
  6. What do you want your reader to think about you?
  7. If a potential client was doing a Google search of your blog topic, what would the client search?
  8. If the potential client did a search of your blog topic, would the client find your blog?
  9. If your reader only saw your headline, would he or she click to read more?
  10. Is your blog easy to read on a mobile phone or tablet?
  11. Will your intended reader to pass your blog along to colleagues and industry friends, and if so, for what reason?
  12. What will you do to promote your blog so your intended target reader sees it?