I coach busy lawyers. I was busy when I practiced law so I know the challenge.

When I was busy, I always went to my list of small things I could do that might make an impact. Here are some thoughts. As you will note, some of them assume your client can accept gifts:

Mya Angelou Feel

  1. Send a coffee loving client a $10 Starbucks card
  2. Send at least one handwritten note each week to a client or referral source
  3. Make a contribution in your client or referral source’s name
  4. If you know a client has a particular interest, send a book from Amazon with a note you can do at the Amazon website (if you give me a topic, I can tell you a book to send)
  5. If you have Google Alerts, or something similar, set up for your clients, send the client an email if you read something favorable about the company
  6. Post thoughtful comments to your friends’ Facebook postings, especially if they have posted something about their children
  7. Take two hours away from your busy schedule and go visit a client’s business facility
  8. Take a few hours to volunteer to help your client’s favorite charity.
  9. Give a gift certificate to your client’s favorite restaurant
  10. Find a client alert, or blog post, your firm has done that will be of particular interest to a client and send it with a personal email explaining why you believe it will interest your client
  11. If you know your client’s children and what they are passionate about, do something nice for the children (One lawyer I coached sent an autographed jersey of his client’s son’s favorite goalie)
  12. Send a travel guide from a place where you traveled and where your client will be traveling
  13. Invite your client to write a guest post on your blog
  14. Invite your client and his/her children to use your firm’s tickets to an event
  15. Do something nice for your client’s assistant or staff


  • Great post Cordell. These simple tasks mean a great deal to some clients because they are done so rarely. Thanks for the reminders!

  • Robyn Adair

    This is a great post. I work with an attorney who consistently makes this type of effort for his clients. One of his favorite things to do is have me create a cd of images from any type of excursion he has made with his clients, complete with a jewel case label featuring a few images and on occasion, a cd of music that is included with the photo cd. He always insists that this is the way to connect with clients, much better than another golf shirt!