I hope that each of you has approached 2015 with enthusiasm and energy. For many lawyers this will be a transition year. Here are 12 questions that will help you determine if you are making client development happen or just hoping it will happen.

  1. Have you set 2015 goals for client development and prepared a plan to achieve them?
  2. Have you set goals for the first 90 days of 2015?
  3. Do you plan time each week for client development activities?
  4. Are you focused on your contact with clients, potential clients or people who can refer business to you?
  5. Do you regularly visit/meet with clients just to learn more about what is going on in their business?
  6. When you see an article, book or seminar that may be of interest to clients, do you forward/send it to them?
  7. When you finish a project do you follow up and seek feedback on your performance?
  8. Do you ask questions and listen well when visiting with clients?
  9. Do you read your clients’ trade publications?
  10. Do you know your clients’ industry, business, strategy and legal needs?
  11. Do you know your client representatives personally, including names of their family members, their assistant’s name, their interests outside of work and their values?
  12. Have you set up a way to keep track of your clients and their industries?
Over the many years I have worked out, I often wondered why I worked out at a higher level when I was working with a fitness trainer. I have concluded that the fitness trainer helps me develop a plan that will work best for me, then she holds me accountable and pushes me to do more. Finally, she lets me know when I am doing well.

If it makes sense for fitness, doesn’t it make sense for client development? I invite you to join a 2015, group telephone coaching program. I will help you develop a plan that will work best for you, hold you accountable and push you.