Wow, this year is passing by quickly. We reach the mid-point this week. How have you done so far? Have you created a plan, set goals, worked on actions to achieve the goals?

I practiced law and learned about client development from the seat of my pants at the beginning of my career. I probably learned more from my mistakes than I ever learned from my successes.

Over the last several years I have worked with young associates, junior partners and senior partners, many of whom are just like you. Based on my own client development efforts and the work I have done with lawyers, I have a good idea what you need to learn to be successful. Here is my list:

  1. Planning and Motivation
  2. Attributes of successful lawyers/people (I did a guest post on this subject on Friday titled: Ask Friday! Superstars Edition by Cordell Parvin)
  3. What you want to achieve
  4. How to set goals
  5. How to prepare a plan to achieve goals
  6. What kind of client development will best work for you
  7. Making time and time management
  8. Getting organized for a more productive day
  9. The importance of getting outside your comfort zone
  10. How to stay motivated and accountable
  11. Patience and Persistence
  12. Visibility and Credibility-Building Profile
  13. Identifying best approach for you
  14. What organizations will be best for you
  15. How to write an article: picking the topic, how long, title, opening, closing
  16. How to give a presentation: picking the topic, getting the opportunity, homework before the presentation, PowerPoint, opening, format, speaking skills, handout
  17. Social Media: blogging for business, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, other
  18. Building relationships and Getting Hired
  19. Networking
  20. Sources of business
  21. How to focus on contacts (client relationship management)
  22. How selling legal services is different
  23. First impressions
  24. How clients select: importance of website bio, relationships, recommendations, strength of weak ties, building trust and rapport, developing questions, listening skills and how to ask for business
  25. Client Service and Cross-Selling: what clients want, how to deliver it, ways to add value, cross-selling planning
  26. Developing the team: leadership, team building, motivating younger lawyers, supervision and feedback

If at least 20 of you are sincerely interested, over the second half of this year I will post 5-10 minute podcasts each week on the subjects listed above. Please let me know you are interested by posting a comment here or on my Facebook coaching page. If we go forward I will invite your specific questions for me to answer in the podcast each week.