If you are a regular reader, you know that each year I host Outstanding Women Lawyers I coach.  In April I wrote: Outstanding Women Lawyers’ Conference Set For June 6-7. The Roundtable is my favorite event on my calendar, in part because most participants share that it is the best event of its type.

Fox Rothschild lawyer Eliana Baer was the youngest lawyer who attended. Eliana is a Family Law associate, who I have been told has posted the most read blog in her firm: SEVEN DEADLY SINS OF DIVORCE: PRIDE; THE NARCISSISTIC DIVORCE. I asked Eliana to share her experience with you.

On June 6-7, I had the honor and privilege to attend the Outstanding Women Lawyers’ Roundtable in Fort Worth Texas.  As the youngest attorney in attendance, not only did I have the unparalleled guidance of Cordell Parvin and Cindy Pladziewicz, but the perspective of so many amazingly accomplished, confident and well-rounded women.

A highlight of the program was a presentation by Shawn E. Tuma about the use of social media in business development and marketing. I left energized and feeling like I could conquer the world.

Here are some takeaways from the Roundtable that I hope will last me throughout the year:

  1.  Accountability is key.  Weekly emails exchanged with an “accountability partner” listing business development efforts for the past week and goals for the coming next year will help keep me on track.
  2. Play to your strengths.  In the Strengthfinder assessment with Cindy, I learned that my top strengths are input, learner, achiever, harmony and discipline, making me well suited to blog.  Others might be suited to network or speak.  Marketing will not be a struggle to market if you enjoy what you’re doing.
  3. Use the Prioritization Matrix to determine if the effort is worth the potential return.  If not, skip it.
  4. Create a vision and a goal for each area of life and figure out the actions to take to get there.  Break it down into small tasks instead of one large and amorphous project.
  5. Strategically connect on social media.  In Shawn’s presentation, he stressed the importance of finding your target audience on social media and connecting with them consistently.
  6. Put out content to be visible.  Posting your work to the right social media platform can mean the difference between 1 read and 100 reads.
  7. Make Twitter “lists” to follow the right people and to make sure you see their content.
  8. Maximize your work. If you do a presentation, post it to SlideShare, then repackage it into a blog, or an article.
  9. Write “The Guide.”  Find a niche area of the law and be the go-to person by writing “The Guide” on the topic.
  10. Left brained people need to unlock their right brains to reach their maximum potential.  If you’re not feeling inspired, do some right brain activities like crafting, meditating or yoga.
  11. Connect with all the women after the Roundtable.  For me, that was handwriting a note to all the women, including my business card and asking them to keep in touch.
  12. Create the Purple CowsSeth Godin describes.  To be noticed, do something different; something that nobody else is doing.
  13. Listen like Bill Clinton.  When speaking with someone, be fully engaged.  Make them feel like they are the only one in the room.

Between the wonderful group of women and Cordell’s great program, this roundtable was by far the most worthwhile and rewarding event I have attended in my career.

A special thanks to Joyce Flo for her hard work, dedication and caring about each attendee.

I cannot wait to return next year!

What makes the roundtable so special?

It is the participants who come to Dallas/Fort Worth. I have coached well over 1000 lawyers, and I am sure that close to 500 of those lawyers have been women. Three years ago, I thought how incredible it would be to get those outstanding US and Canadian lawyers together to get to share ideas and make new lifelong friends.  It has worked.

Here is a sample of what other 2014 participants said about the event and the other participants:

  1. I loved that the group was small enough to get to know everyone, even if just a little. I loved the openness and idea sharing. I truly enjoyed and learned something from all the presenters.
  2. I wanted to thank all of you for a fantastic roundtable. Just the energy boost and fresh ideas I needed! Not sure how Cordell and Cindy managed to gather such a generous, gracious, down to earth group of lawyers (Shawn included) but it was just the key to collaborative, encouraging thinking that is absent in anything similar I have tried with business development.
Our next roundtable will be a lawyer bloggers bootcamp. Participants will bring blog posts for review. If this roundtable interests you, contact Joyce jflo@cordellparvin.com.