Client Development and Marketing Questions: 

I receive many questions from lawyers about client development and marketing. I want to share a few of those questions and my answers in the next several Blog entries.

Question: How do I solicit business that not only helps my firm build a client base but also builds my reputation as a “go-to” lawyer?

Answer: I think there are four main ways you can get business. First

  1.  You could be fortunate and talented enough to be thought of as the very best in your field. If you were considered to be the best civil trial lawyer, or corporate M&A lawyer or labor and employment lawyer in your city or state or in the country, it is unlikely you would need to do very much marketing or client development. Whenever a big case or a big deal came in you would be on the go-to list.
  2. You could be fortunate enough to represent a company that gets sued a lot if you are a litigator or does lots of deals if you are a corporate lawyer. One of my former partners had this great client and he kept many lawyers busy. That worked well until his client was acquired by another company. The same result may have occurred if his contact had retired.
  3. You could find a niche practice area and become known for expertise in it. In my case, I focused on an industry niche and built my reputation in that industry.
  4. You could become very active in the community. One of my former partners has built a world class client base by being active in the community. He builds trust based on the work he does for charities and the clear message he sends to the business community that he cares. He calls it “Doing well by doing good.”