On the first day of our 5-day series I shared with you the importance of the topic you choose to write about in your blog. Today, I want to focus on your headline.

If you write a brilliant blog post on an important legal topic and your potential clients do not find it, you have likely wasted your time blogging.

As a lawyer you want potential clients to find your blog if they do a Google search on the legal topic. When she was with LexBlog,  Helen Pitlick wrote a post for me on that subject: Blog Post Title Best Practices. She advised:

Law blog post titles should be short, keyword optimized, direct, and cover exactly the content of the post.

LexBlog’s Kevin O’Keefe shared his ideas in Basic SEO – search engine optimization – for your law blog. Kevin suggested:

Keep the title tags relatively short and to the point. The point being how you’d expect people to search for your content. Google is only going to display about 64 characters and making them long so as to include words people wouldn’t search for only dilutes the keywords or key phrases people would use in a search. Plus the title tag will run on beyond the 64 characters.

Helen and Kevin have shared with you about all you need to know. But, if you want more details, there are many blogs on blogging that focus on headline writing. Here is a link to Copyblogger’s 7 Headline Writing Links That Will Revolutionize Your Content Marketing.