Next time: 
  1. You are ready to hit the send button for an email to a client, pick up the telephone and call.
  2. You are getting ready to send an email to a colleague in your firm on the same floor, get out of your chair and go visit in person.
  3. You are getting ready to send a bill to a client, review it in detail for mistakes and anything that should not be charged.
  4. You are considering eating lunch with a lawyer in your group, pick up the telephone and offer to take a client or referral source to lunch.
  5. You are getting ready to post .10 an hour (maybe even .20 an hour) for a telephone call with a client, stop and just eat the time.
  6. You open a new matter for a client, prepare a plan for how the matter will be handled and share it with your client.
  7. You finish a matter for a client, write a handwritten note and let the client know how much you appreciate the opportunity to serve them.
  8. You feel you are too busy to do any client development activities that day, think of something you can do in 15 minutes or less and do it.
  9. You think about how you can sell or market yourself to a potential client, stop and change your thought to how you can help the potential client.