A lawyer who attended a program I did for the Dallas Bar Association sent me an email. I have edited some of what he said: 

Hello Mr. Parvin—

I need some help to get me up and going.  I went to law school after being on active duty in the military and after a career in sales.  So I’ve been flopping around here throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks, so to speak.  I have many ideas, but I need reality testing from someone who understands the business.   Too many unknowns.  Too much resistance.  Can’t execute the plans to the proper thresholds to make a difference.  I am open to any kind of pathway to get me going.  Maybe that’s the problem.  Again, the key for me is reality testing.  What works in this business and what doesn’t.  What would be best for me.

Reality testing begins by figuring out where you are now. The first step in coaching is a self evaluation.  I did a video clip discussing this, including a list of questions you can ask yourself to figure out what you are doing on client development. 

So, watch the video and answer the 13 questions I ask in the video to get an idea of where you are now in your client development efforts.