Wally Zimolong is a Philadelphia construction lawyer participating in my monthly group telephone coaching program this year. Wally writes a blog titled: Supplemental Conditions.

I ask members of the group to share success stories and this is one Wally shared with me and the group.

I wanted to pass on a few coaching tip success stories in anticipation of our next coaching call for you to share with the group.

  1. Emailing articles of interest. You often recommend that an easy stay in touch with and in the minds of contacts that you should email them articles that you thought they would be interested. This amazingly simple idea yielded almost immediate results. I emailed two prospective construction firms articles that related to their trades. One contractor called me the same day to ask me to do contract review for a large project they were beginning. I had been seeking work from this particular contractor for several years. The other asked me to meet with him and his controller to discuss what his firm was doing which resulted in a great meeting.
  2. Industry guides. I was slated to give a seminar to the constructor association on a the topic of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) rules and regulations. The program was focused on the transportation contractors. One of the member firms called me and said they were not a transportation contractor but often had to deal with DBE regulations at the federal, state, and local levels and were not sure if they should come to the seminar. I made it easy for them and offered to create a customized program for the firm and to create a DBE “playbook” for the firm’s procurement team. I am going there tomorrow to present to the firm’s 16 person procurement team.

While the DBE “playbook” took some time to create, these marketing efforts cost almost nothing but the return on the time investment could be huge.

I often share with lawyers I coach that they should identify a client problem, opportunity or change, create a solution and give it away. Many years ago in the early 80s, I created a DBE guide for transportation contractors. I gave it away when I made presentations throughout the US. It helped launch my career working with contractors.

What is your potential client’s problem, opportunity or change? What solution can you create and give away?