I have to begin by saying I REALLY do not like the New York Giants. I have never cheered for them once. Growing up in Chicago and spending my adult life in Virginia and Dallas, I have cheered for the local teams. I also like the Green Bay Packers and have enjoyed watching several games with my Wisconsin friends at Lambeau Field. So, I was disappointed watching the game yesterday. Yet, I have to admit the Giants have played at the top of their game the last several weeks. What is different?

Early Sunday morning I watched an interview of Gian Paul Gonzalez on Fox and Friends. Later, while trying to find the video clip of the interview, I read a New York Post article, I learned that Gian Paul gave a Christmas Eve pep talk to several New York Giants players suggesting that they go “all in.” As the story is told in the Post article, when Gonzalez met with several players in a chapel on Christmas Eve, he gave each of them a poker chip and said:

New York Post Photo

Sometimes we’ve got to step up and be all in. You have to be willing to say, ‘I’m going to be all in and risk everything and bet everything.’

Are the Giants winning because they were inspired by Gian Paul Gonzalez? I don’t know. But, if you have watched them play, you have to admit they are leaving nothing on the field. Also, their fans have clearly gotten behind the “all in” Giants.

I believe if you decide to go “all in” this year, you will notice a big difference in your career success and life fulfillment. I do not want to tell you what “all in” means to me. Instead, I prefer for you to think about what “all in” means to you in connection with your career and your life. I hope you will share  with me what “all in” means to you and how you hope to live “all in” this year. I also welcome hearing from you on how you plan to be “all in” this year. If I hear from you, I promise to stay in touch to help you stay “all in.”