Yes, I know that your career will not be as instantly impacted in 2013 by not creating a plan as the US economy might be impacted by not creating a plan to deal with a host of things Congress and the President have set in motion to happen on January 1. I wanted to grab your attention and it appears that cliff is a powerful word, but in reality if you do not create a business plan you won’t fall off a cliff. Instead, you will simply not climb the mountain of your career as well.

On December 13, I did a webinar for LexBlog titled: How to Develop an Effective Business Plan with Cordell Parvin. Here you can watch the webinar, review the slides and use the detailed Dec 2012 Plan Webinar to create your plan.

How can you get the most from this program?

  1. Actually create a plan
  2. Watch the webinar with a friend and colleague. Stop the video frequently and answer how this point applies to me.