A few years ago I did I many presentations and workshops on “Securing, Retaining and Expanding Relationships with Clients.” Because my main focus was on professionalism and becoming more valuable to clients, Texas lawyers attending the program received CLE ¬†credit.

To secure, retain and expand relationships with clients, you should begin with a short attitude check. What do I mean by attitude? Listen to how you talk to yourself.

celebrate people

  • Do you say: “Yes, but,” or do you say: “Sure how”
  • Do you say: “My problem is,” or do you say: My opportunity is…”
  • Do you frequently say: “I need to” or do you say: “I want to”
  • Do you say: “I am too busy to…” or do you say: “I can…”
  • Do you think planning means less free time or do you think planning means less stress?
  • Are you focused on just pleasing others or are you focused on what is important to you?
  • Do you associate working too hard with success or do you think about what your success will bring you?

These are all attitude checks. To be both successful in your career and fulfilled in your life, it really helps to start with having a great attitude about your future.

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