If you are a regular reader you know I recently spoke at the ABA Forum on Construction Law Annual Meeting.  My presentation was on Client Development: Old Tools, New Tools. I used one of the new presentation tools: Prezi just to demonstrate how it is different than PowerPoint.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.59.16 AM

One topic the construction lawyers asked me is where would I find topics for blog posts.

When I am coaching bloggers, I tell them there are two kinds of blog posts:

  1. Breaking News which is time sensitive
  2. Topics that interest readers, but are not time sensitive.

Where would I find the topics I know will be valuable for readers? I would start with my billable work. If there is not an ethics or client reason, I would write on those topics. Over the years, my contractor clients wanted me to write about the topics that were impacting them

I believe billable work can become a blog post, a blog post can become a presentation. The handout for the presentation can become a guide and the guide can become several additional blog posts.

In 2011, I posted a blog which included links to several guides I created for construction contractors. I want to provide you with those links again.

If you have time to click on several of them, you will see what I mean. There are many potential blog posts in each link.

  1. What Causes Claims
  2. Types of Claims
  3. Using Baseline Tools To Identify Claims
  4. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  5. Design-Build Guide
  6. Evidence to Prove Entitlement
  7. Effective Project Documentation
  8. Proving the Claim
  9. Negotiation
  10. Quantification of Damages
  11. Claim Preparation Guide
  12. Construction Law Client Service Goals
  13. Construction Law Strategic Plan
  14. False Claims Manual
Putting this blog post together caused me to think about three things:
  1. It took a significant amount of time to research and write the guides and other documents.
  2. I think they are quite thorough and complete and helpful for contractors.
  3. It was a shame that when I practiced law so few people actually saw the documents. Today with this blog and social media, thousands of construction industry professionals can see them.

Construction Lawyers: I invite you to “steal my stuff,” edit it to make it your own and post blogs. You don’t even need to give me credit.

As you may know, I frequently conduct a “Bloggers Bootcamp” designed to help lawyers blogging make their blog more valuable. If you want to participate in the next Bloggers Bootcamp, contact jflo@cordellparvin.com.