I pondered this question when I received the gift in the photo from Dollar Shave Club. If you are a regular reader, you know I wrote about Dollar Shave Club in January when I started using their shaver and blades: Law Firms: What Can You Learn from Dollar Shave Club?

In April, Dollar Shave Club introduced Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter and sent me a sample with my blades. This month they introduced another product for the bathroom that is shown in the photo.

The letter that came with the gift was hilarious. Here are two lines:

Dollar Shave Club wants to own the bathroom, and be the easiest place to get the things you use everyday…

We are so exited for you to try One Wipe Charlies, that we are including a few other items to get the process going along. Enjoy.

Obviously, a law firm could not use “bathroom” humor to market more services to existing clients. But, I do believe a law firm could borrow some of the Dollar Shave Club ideas.

Suppose your firm sent a gift of coffee and wine to a client (one that can accept gifts) along with client alerts or memos from several practice areas and said in a letter:

We want to be your full-service law firm from sun up to sun down and provide you with one law firm to take care of all of your legal needs…

I am not sure what an appropriate second line would be. I will leave that to someone far more creative. My question is simply, would this kind of marketing effort be effective. What do you think?