I confess. I never really took advantage of my lunch time.

At one point I went to work out at lunch. I hated the idea because it took about double the time compared to working out in the early morning.

My clients were for the most part out of town. So, I very rarely took a client or even a contact to lunch.

I remember when I was a young lawyer in Roanoke, Virginia. My mentor told me I “needed” to be a member of the Shenandoah Club and eat lunch at the long table with the Roanoke Valley movers and shakers.

I joined (as told) and I sat at the long table (as told). I really didn’t enjoy it very much.

The Shenandoah Club was a nice place with a great staff, but for the most part the lunch served at the time was more food and more expensive than I cared to eat.

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I was just a blue plate cafe kind of guy having grown up that way. There were a few of those in Roanoke in that day. Plus, I discovered the presidents of the local banks didn’t have much they wanted to share with a young lawyer.

So, how did I spend my lunch? I did the opposite of what I would recommend to young lawyers. I dined with my best friends from the office and we rarely went to a restaurant where we would run into movers and shakers.

Since I have let you know I rarely used my lunch time to any advantage, why am I writing about it?

Turns out I found a blog titled: Things Successful People Do on Lunch Breaks. If you want to use your lunch break wisely, check it out.