If I have coached you, or you are a regular reader, you know I owe a great deal of my client development success to my writing. It worked well for me and I am confident if you follow my thoughts below it will work well for you also.

Writing articles and blogs is a great way to raise your visibility and credibility with your potential clients. If you are planning to use this tool, keep these three essential points in mind:

  1. Select a topic that your clients and potential clients care about. (I spent more time selecting a topic than I spent writing the article.)
  2. Write it so they will actually read what you have written. (I spent more time deciding on the title and writing the first paragraph than I spent writing the rest of the article)
  3. Use social media as one tool to get as wide a distribution as possible. (I didn’t have this tool for distribution, but you do have it. Use it)

It is that simple, yet many, if not most, lawyers do not do all three well.

They spend little time thinking of the topic. Then they decide on a lame title that does not capture the reader’s attention. If you would like to learn more about writing and speaking to get hired, check out my  video program and workbook.

P.S. I want you to try these three points. Help me write a blog post for lawyer readers. Pick a topic for a future blog post, then create a title you think would attract lawyer reader. If you have the time, write the first paragraph for me. If I select your topic, title and first paragraph, you can have access to my Video Coaching Program and Workbook.