I was recently asked what I cover in client development coaching. It is really pretty simple at the broadest level.
  1. Coaching SS 81984502How to put together a plan with goals and use your time wisely. Do you have a written plan with goals?
  2. How to become visible and credible to your target market. Are you raising your visibility and credibility to your target market?
  3. How to build relationships that get you hired. Are you building relationships?
  4. How to make your existing clients raving fans. Are your clients raving fans?

Each of these four main topics have many multiple parts. What would you have under each main topic?

Many of you with whom I have worked know that coaching is more than those four broad subject areas. Coaching is helping you figure out your best client development strategy. It is helping you stay on task, even when you are seeing no results. More than anything, it is encouraging you to believe in yourself and stretch to become the lawyer you want to be.

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