One of the most frequent statements I hear is: “I can’t find enough time for client development.” I always respond: “You will never find it, you have to make it.”

Time.jpgUntil client development actions are so much a habit that you never think about it, you must find a way to hold yourself accountable. After all, you are using non-billable time. So it is easy just skip over it.

Here is a four-step program to hold yourself accountable:

  1. Breakdown Your Plan-Create 90 days or monthly goals
  2. Plan and Schedule Client Development Activities Each Week-Decide what you plan to do, estimate how much time it will take and then schedule it on your calendar
  3. Keep a Client Development Journal-Keeping track makes it more likely you will actually do the activities
  4. Have a Client Development Partner-Like a workout partner; a client development partner makes it more likely you will do the activities.

Give this four-step program a try and let me know how it works for you.