In March 2010, I wrote: Make Your Blog Unique to Get Potential Clients to Read it. I wonder how many additional law blogs have been created in the last 5 plus years.

When I first started blogging, I read Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.

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Take a moment and read what Seth Godin wrote in a 2003 Fast Company Magazine article: In Praise of the Purple Cow.

To borrow a quote from the book:

Your blog is either “a purple cow” or it is not. It is either “remarkable” or it is invisible.

I imagine that the first lawyer’s blog was remarkable. After all it was the first and it was in unchartered terrritory. Now there are thousands of blogs by lawyers. It is far more challenging to have a blog that is remarkable.

If you are blogging:

  • What makes your blog remarkable?
  • What makes you and your co-bloggers different or unique?
  • What sets your blog apart for the readers you and your firm want to discover your expertise?

If you cannot answer those questions, you are blogging for the sake of blogging and your blog is likely invisible.

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