I have written several times that I believe one-shot client development training programs don’t work. Those programs are analogous to going on a crash diet. Before long, like the crash dieter, those who participate are back where they started.

Continuous training, coaching, follow-up and accountability works. That approach is analogous to changing your life style. They have a long-term impact and if you work on those activities as a group, it is a great way to hold each other accountable.

One article worth reading is Why Neuroscience Matters to Executives by David Rock and Jeffrey Schwartz. They point out that during the moment of insight, the brain undergoes neural connections that enhance mental resources and overcome resistance to change.

As a result of my experience and study, I urge law firms to consider monthly short client development training sessions. Here are some suggested monthly topics with materials you can use:

  1. Client Development in a Nutshell Video Clip
  2. Client Development in a Nutshell for Junior Associates
  3. Client Development in a Nutshell for Senior Associates
  4. Attributes of Successful Rainmakers 
  5. Making Time for Client Development
  6. Tools for Your Client Development Tool-Kit
  7. How to Develop an Effective Business Plan
  8. The Why and How of Planning and Setting Goals
  9. Finding Opportunities for Business
  10. How Your Friends Can Become Your Clients
  11. Closing the Sale
  12. Online Tools For Computer and iPad
  13. Client Service

I think you will find meeting monthly and discussing the topics listed above valuable because it is more enjoyable to work together as a group and focusing on a topic each month will build your client development efforts.

If you read my recent posts, you know that we are starting 2014 Group Telephone Client Development Coaching in January.

In addition to the monthly coaching, I have been asked by a couple of firms to do monthly webinar programs that any of their lawyers who are interested can sign up to attend. Because the cost of the webinars is so low (compared to in person programs involving travel), and the opportunity to participate is open to all of their lawyers, those firms see a significant ROI.

Is your law firm interested in monthly client development programs open to all of your lawyers?